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Hi Energee, I'm a little late to the game but I was curious if you still had any of the MCU connectors available? If not, where did you procure them/model numbers/etc.? Thanks!

Can you tell me what the difference between the FC04 and the FC04A is?

Also, on my current M3P, I went with FC04 18x9.0 +30 with 245/45/18. I like the fit.

I am ordering another M3P. I have some 255/35/19 winters from my E63 that are new. Is there a 19" FC04 that would fit? 19x9.5 +35? Is the inside clearance enough? What about The R241? Can you recommend a wheel that is light?

Mad Hungarian
Mad Hungarian
The FC04A is just the blank version of the wheel with oval lug pockets that allows us to custom-drill the bolt pattern. The standard FC04 comes with round holes drilled at the factory. FC04 19x9.5 +35 is a perfect fit on a P3D with tires up to 265 mm wide. If you want light weight in that size the FC04 is your best bet. The R241 in 19" is only available with an 8.5" width (for now!).
MaxGreen- Did you upgrade your M3 to the premium sound? I'm in Maryland (Potomac) & about to order a M3 (within the next month), but would like to step through it with company. Any interest?
Could you please unban me? It has been more than a week and I still can't post. It would've been better if you issued a warning, but anyways I will still stay away from any discussions with other members from now on.
So I was curious about your Uber experience with the Model 3. I already assume the fuel savings would be impressive. I think I am using about 33% of what I'd spend on gas if I were still driving my Volkswagen GTI. I've had my Long Range RWD since April 2018, and have over 20,000 miles on it now. Love it!

You should offer to write an article about your Uber experience with the Model 3. Maybe Electrek? InsideEVs?
Perhaps Medium would be a good spot too? I don't know, but the more people that know the better!
Greg Appelt
Greg Appelt
Thank you for the encouragement. I do like to "get the message out". It's one of the reasons I do Uber after my 9-5 job.
I'll reach out to Fred and InsideEV to see if they want to do a story.
I have a set of 18x9.5 ET38 Fast FC-08 wheels for my Model 3 Performance. To get the wheels to fit on the front I need a 3mm spacer. Does Fast have a spacer that is hub centric that also accounts for the bolt that holds the rotor on? Closest spacer I could find was this one.
Mad Hungarian
Mad Hungarian
We offer exactly what you need, it’s a special 3 mm thick hubcentric (70.2 mm) forged spacer for the Performance car, our part number is 77123BK-1, you should be able to order it directly through Canada Wheels or any of our other retailers.
What is the best tire psi to run for model 3 long range awd 18" tires?
Mad Hungarian
Mad Hungarian
Depending on the VIN (and I’m beginning to think which phase the moon was at build date) the 18” OE cars are placarded at either 42 or 45 PSI.
42 seems to be the most common and that’s what I personally recommend, it’s a good compromise between wear, comfort and range.
Thank you sir. Mine has 42 PSI on the placard. Now, for replacement tires, what would you recommend? I currently have about 14K on them so I'm a ways yet but I like to get information on what to look at as early as possible.
Am looking at your new 18" EV01 wheel with a Continental Contact 7 on my Mod RWD for winter. Recommended?
Mad Hungarian
Mad Hungarian
2./ ... only T speed rated. The additional sidewall flexibility that this lower rating permits usually means it'll do really well on snow and ice, but will not handle nearly as crisply as an H or V rated winter. So if your goal is maximum snow and ice traction and you don't mind a loss of steering response and handling in the dry, they should be excellent...
Mad Hungarian
Mad Hungarian
3./ ... Note also this speed-rating-vs-snow-traction trade-off isn't exclusive to Continental, it generally applies across the board with all manufacturers.
Mike Ferris
Thank you for the re-assuring comment - Got the EV02 rims and the Continentals - well, am told they will be in at the end of the month
I was wondering if you had any issues with rubbing on your wheel/tire setup and drop. I currently have 18x9.5 ×35 on 265/35 and want to go up to a 265/40 which I believe is what you have. I'm lowered on MPP Sport Coilovers and lowered 2 inches. Tat should be about the same as your UP low springs. Thanks your help.

Hi Michel, I'm sorry to bother you, I'm currently checking all boxes before committing to a model 3, and I saw your post saying you pay around 1000chf for insurance, I have a friend that works with almost all insurance companies and the best he could quote me was 1550, is it asking to much if I ask you more details on what it includes on your insurance ?

Thanks in advance, have a nice day.