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I am having the same issue , there is metal hitting metal noise coming from the front passenger side, especially driving from uneven road or do turning. by any chance you have the problem resolved? would love to hear your input. thank you !
How do you repair Pearl White paint scratches/chips when the Tesla paint repair kit's white color is "not compatible" with their Pearl White painted cars?
I just bought a power liftgate recently, and I really want to recommend it to everybody, because it's really really nice and convenient, but I don't know whether it is too expensive or not...
Hey Adman, thank you for your posts in the UP moderate vs mild suspension setups. I am considering the mild setup now as the frontrunner for my car. Do you have any plans on going for a larger wheel size? I'm on stock Aeros but will probably be going to 19s or 20s. I think the milds give it real life usability with sporty looks as well. Do you have any new thoughts on the subject? Thank you again!
I have those Pucks for all 4 jack up points, Don't need that. Thanks, The problem is finding some one Knowledgeable and Reliable to take the tires off my Stock 20" Performance rims and Mount them on my New Forged Wheels, without Damaging the wheels in the Process. Anywhere, in Tampa, ST' Pete, Sarasota. Thanks Guys
I bought 4 custom wheels from "Get your Wheels" called DuPont Registry in ST. Pete, Corey said Can't do Tesla's, referred me to another shop, They said they need a Adapter on there Touchless tire machine, and don't have it. SO, where do I go to get the Wheels put on my original tires in the Tampa, St Pete, Sarasota? Thanks
Hi Energee, do you have any of the MCU connector sets still available? Would really appreciate it if you would be able to ship them to the UK! Please let me know the costs etc if still available. Thank you :)
Yes, please pm me your email
I can't seem to PM you. Looks like I don't have permission yet (new member). Are you be able to PM me?
I'm actually new enough that i dont think i can pm either :(, whats up?
Hi, I would like one set of the MCU connectors plus pins. Can you ship them to Germany? We made three adapters for the middle console but it was a pain in the *ss to procure the parts. The plugs we got from our local Toyota workshop but the pins came from Japan. Thanks!
Hi there, have a question regarding your Model 3 being Krown'd.....have you ever had to get Telsa service after? Have they said anything? Have you noticed any ill effect of the Krown? Thanks!
Just bought your app, but can't login..... won't accept login/pw...... doesn't appear to be a place to reset.....could you help me plz?
Hey have you found your springs?
Elvis Da Plug
No, I haven’t. Do you have low springs? If so please send pics, miles and condition. Why are you selling it and how did you like the ride? I put a order in with unplugged but yeah..
Has my thin wall socket shipped yet? The coilovers are on their way and I want to be prepared to install them on arrival.

Hi Would love to order some of your tesla logos to replace the 3d ones i have, are you offering discount codes to members of the forum?

Not currently! Maybe further down the road
Did you ever order any?
I haven't yet but i have you bookmarked on etsy
I reading through your posts on the lowering the Model 3, I am planning to lower mine on unplugged LOW springs. Your post about the alignment caught my attention and I am plan on going to J.C. Alignment but saw I really like your results with the specs.. I am worried about camber since the model 3 does not have any front camber and your toe came out factory spec! How much did AU alignment charge you? Thanks
TSW rims still available? Where are you located at? Any damage? What is the lowest you will sell it? Please email me at thanks
I’m in Lancaster CA. Wheels are in great condition with no damage. I can do $700 does that work for you?
Is your car lowered?
Are you aware of anyone doing a staggered setup of 255/45R18 on stock Aero rear wheels and 245/45R18 on stock Aero front wheels? I am thinking of getting the Continental EC DWS06. I want wide tires in the rear because my RWD Model 3 wore them out in 15k miles. Also, I want wider so I don't curb them anymore, but I want more narrow in the front to minimize the aerodynamic efficiency loss from a 255.