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Hey dude. What was the result of the windshield crack you experienced last year? I thought your post was from today. Crazy mine broke the same way exactly a year later. I am wondering if they are going to bill me or warranty.
I have a 2019 Model S Performance. I am having problems with flat tire (live in So Cal). I have the 21" wheels with aspect ratio of 40. Looking for 19" wheels with a higher aspect ratio. Any pointers???
Does TesLAX have a provision to look at the air suspension pump? Pump Temp Sensor? Run Time? I'm trying to monitor how long, and how well the one in my 2013 P85 is working. Tx for the help.
Hello, thank you for replying to my post. As you mentioned, my car is locked on China as a region while I am in Egypt (Import car, no local Tesla service center or presence). I am unable to use any connectively, let alone register a Tesla account and use the app.
You mentioned you can help resetting the region? I just want to be able to at least see a relevant map as well as change the time on the computer :) Thanks!
Hey, yeah it's doable. What software version is the car running ? I don't get notifications here for some reason so you can send an email to
Hey Jason,

I hope you are doing well.

I am a new Tesla Model Y owner and want to plug a coffee machine on it (1.5 kw, use it 1 hour per day). I have two queries and would like to kindly have the knowledge from you:

1) Do you think a commercial inverter can safely support the 1.5 kw machine?
2) Will Tesla find that I am using the inverter? How does the "void battery warranty" policy work?

Highly appreciate!
Appreciate for your reply!

That sounds great, the only thing I worry about is damaging the battery. What about the battery varrancy? Can I simply understand that, as long as car can automatically shut down 12V, using inverters in a reasonable way (not power the whole house) is acceptable and won't lose battery warranty?
And thanks for your recommendations for those coffee makers :) I now have a siemens full-auto coffee maker. I basically want to adapt Model Y as a mobile coffee shop at the gate of the company, only serving 1 hour per day.

It won't even touch the main battery. Maybe the small 12 volt battery buried next to the frunk might die if you manage to draw a massive amount of current (like hundreds of amps) very suddenly. Generally the circuit breaker will stop you from doing that.
(Im)patiently waiting to get my 2021 M3 LR AWD. Blue with White Interior and 19" wheels. Trying to decide if I postpone due to EV credits...
Hi Trev, how about creating a sticky thread somewhere to capture FSDbeta experiences and questions.
We will once it goes out to wide release
Hi Trevor, newbie here...this is my first post! (Love the podcasts by the way) I have 2018 model 3 with over 150,000 kms on it. What are your thoughts on using 3rd party service centres? I'm in Burlington, ON and have been looking for a local mechanic with good reputation that specializes in Teslas. Have you had or heard of anyone's experience with Shift EV's in Oakville or EVolution in North York?
Paul Repar at Shift is a good guy. The only other person I can recommend is Cyril Wheeler in Innerkip Ontario who was a Tesla technician who now does Teslas. Good good!