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Hi - for some reason I'm not able to reply to your direct message, but I live in Austin. The intention of my post was to share a promotion that's going on for Tesla drivers across Texas. I have signed up for this and thought that others might be interested as well.
Hey, thank you for posting about your FC04's, just ordered the same set up in Black. Question - you're running a 7mm spacer on the back, where did you find a good quality 7mm spacer?
Hi Anna

After you get your Tesla, you'll learn about lists all charging options for any style of plug. Very often, the charge is free. If you are ever out "Orangeville" way, I have a Tesla HPWC on my riding arena, listed on Plugshare: . Free charge - and you can have a look around, and feed a horse a carrot. We are open to the public.

Enjoy your (future) ride
Just wanted to say my kids and I all love that Pixar Short you use for your profile.
That's my favorite Pixar short. :)
Hey can I ask you a question. I just bought the premium audio upgrade for the model 3 from Hansshow. I was referred to Jimmy as well but suddenly I felt suspicious when I realized it’s just a guy working out of his home, not an actual company. He wants me to drop the car off to his house for 5 hours. I just feel that’s suspicious. Since you worked with him did you just trust him with the car or were you just monitori
Hi FRC, I tried to find a way to comment in the conversation you opened but I was unable to find a button or link to reply so I sent you an email reply instead. I hope that reaches you. If not, please tell me how to react to your post.
Prior Tesla's owned:

Mine-2018 AWD3 MSM/White-totaled
Hers-2018 AWD3 blue black-sold
Mine-P3D-MCR-White-Performance-EAP Sold
Mine- 3-LR-MCR-Black-Aero-sold
Hers-MX90D Titanium/Black 61k sold
Hers-MS85 MCR/Black-sold
Are the Continental Viking Contact 7 any good for the model Y 19" rims? I am looking at Tsportline TSV Flow Forged Tesla Wheel and Tire Package. That is the only winter tire listed now instead of the Pirelli Sottozero 3 Winter Tire.
Mad Hungarian
Mad Hungarian
The Viking Contact 7 is an outstanding winter tire and is a softer, more snow/ice focused model than the higher speed rated Sottozero 3, which still does very well in inclement weather. If you want max snow/ice traction the 7 is absolutely one of the top choices, if you still want to keep some of that taught "summer tire" handling feel in the mix you may want to find an H or V rated model more like the Pirelli.
None of my cameras working. Not 3 weeks old and I have to wait another 2 weeks for a service appointment. I guess you call it the black screen of death only mine is rear view camera and also all the other cameras! The navigation won't work and the phone won't work. Any suggestions???
In 2019 you wrote a post about your Michelin Primacy Tour A/S tires and keeping the same wh/mi as with the MXM4's (257). I was just wondering if you stil have the same impression. I'm considering buying a pair and range is my most important factor. Thanks!!

I am a brand new Model 3 owner and could use some WT advice! I was considering purchasing from Tesla, but it ends up being about $1000 more than other WT options. Do I have to use the Tesla winter tire package? I was considering GTS G511 Matte Black 18" rims and Toyo Observe GSi6 HP, Nexen Wingaurd Sport 2, Bridgestone Blizzak WS-90, Pirelli Sottozero II, Blizzaks or Yokohama IceGaurd IG5? Any advice?
Mad Hungarian...can you tell me if the 18x8.5 35 offset 70.2 bore ev01+ works with the 2020 model 3 performance with performance brakes?
Canadatires says no...but they say no ev01 is compatible and since I believe you designed it for the model 3 they’re wrong.
What 19” model fits my car if I want to go up a size?
Mad Hungarian
Mad Hungarian
The EV01s with +35 & 70.2 stepped bore were DESIGNED for the P3D!! They aren't supposed to go on anything else. If they look your car up in their dealer ordering system they'll see it's a "double check mark", meaning it's a 100% guaranteed fitment. We do also have a 19x8.5 version available with the same 70.2 stepped bore, but only in +40 offset (for now) so if you want perfect OE stance you'll need 5 mm spacer.
Hey man! I'm interested in your Model 3 - feel free to contact me at!
Hello, Can we get the cell voltage of model3 after S/W ver 10.2. I can't find CAN ID 401 at log file.
Don't know the temp but I have to cover my bald head it gets so hot, in Tampa. O/s is 94 and inside glass roof is untouchable.
Has anyone had problems with their main display screen on the S?, Mine has been acting up for the past 3 weeks. Scheduled service thru the app, was given a date 10 days out, 2 days before the date I get a text stating that the car needs to be brought in to a service center. Now I have to wait another 2 weeks. Meanwhile my screen does not turn on and none of the functions work like turn signals, Nav, AC or the radio.