Your Tesla + Level 2 AC Charging


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Jul 12, 2017
Campbell, CA
I've seen conversations in the community pick up around alternative charging options for their Tesla, so I'm sharing some of the data from our team.
No matter which network you use to charge while you're on the go, I hope you'll find this info helpful! - Rochelle

Important note:
Please keep in mind that this data is for Tesla charging sessions on the ChargePoint network (only), from the release of the Model 3, only. [Full post/source]

When it comes to Level 2 AC charging, we’re seeing similar charging times between the Model S and X, but Model 3 charging sessions are a bit shorter so far, perhaps because the battery is a bit smaller: currently only 75 kWh for the Model 3, with a smaller option to come, versus 75 or 100 kWh options for the S and X.

All types of charging sessions on our network have cost around a dollar on average because most charging on ChargePoint is free. However, rates are determined by the station owner so your experience in cost will likely vary. :)