Wondering this Wednesday...

Ed Woodrick

May 25, 2018
Atlanta, GA
Tesla Owner
Model 3
First, some way to fill the car becomes important, but it really isn't as big of deal as some make it. You've got a Supercharger in Cupertino and probably a lot of other options, so there are definitely some solutions, even if you can't charge at home.

Most folks will have range anxiety. Worrying about how far they can go. With the 3, it is pretty easy to go just about anywhere in the country. It may take a little longer, but strategic planning can make any trip a breeze.

The change in the instrument cluster is something that you will get used to pretty quick, its just different. I'm driving an regular car as a rental since I am out of town, it sucks remember to have to turn the car off and lock the doors.

Most all of the horror stories that you hear are now either in the past or relatively rare. Just because 5 people talk about it in the forum doesn't mean that everyone is seeing the problem. So take anything that you read with a grain of salt.

Electrics are slightly different to drive, nothing that you won't get used to, and the Tesla has some difference from other electrics, which you will also get used to pretty quickly.

Most important, just enjoy yourself.