What constitutes a charge cycle in the Tesla Model 3?


Aug 4, 2018
Adirondacks, NY
Tesla Owner
Model 3
Behind the simplistic definition Apple offers (not that simple, actually) is something an engineer might call a "damage accumulation model." It would take into account the frequency and severity of charging or discharging towards the limits of battery capacity, and also rate of charge and discharge at various states of charge.The simple passage of time might enter in, again at different states of charge. (Factoid: my drone batteries automatically discharge themselves to 50% after a few days; the manufacturer says that is better for longevity.)

So, the concept of "charge cycle" in the real world hides a great deal of complexity. It seems to me that the action to take is to avoid the situations where damage accumulates the most. Stay between 20 and 80% when you can. Don't use Superchargers when you don't have to. If you do this, you can drive the car all you want - the Tesla battery is robust.