Triple check your VIN at delivery!

Dr. Ken

New Member
Jul 30, 2017
California, USA
I was ecstatic to pick up my deep blue metallic Model3 2 weeks ago and it's been a blast driving it! HOWEVER, not able to establish mobile access, called and email customer help- slow response.

I was just sitting in front of the store and flipped through the paperwork, and was surprised to find out the delivery purchase agreement has a different VIN number then the one that I've been driving around for 2 weeks! I did pay some attention to the VIN on the car, making sure it matched with my online configuration VIN, but did not think the paperwork would be messed up!

Anyway, took it back the store and today get a new set of paperwork with the correct VIN, and will have to wait longer for the license plate and all. And hopefully with that they can set up mobile access soon.

So some of you out there who's taking delivery soon, triple check the VIN on your Tesla account, your car, AND the purchase agreement!