Thinking of finally taking the plunge!


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Jan 15, 2017
San Jose, California
I should have known I'd end up here, ready to plunk down my reservation for a Model 3; and done it way back last April.

I'm very much hoping for a Model Y by around 2020, but I think reserving a Model 3 now will be hedging my bets agains any excessive or unseen delays by Tesla getting the Model Y into production.

Ordering now, I figure I won't see the car until at least Q1 2019. By then I'm fairly certain we'll know much more about the Model Y- reveal and timing- and I'll be able to make an educated decision on whether to wait. And of course the reservation is refundable.

I am figuring resale on the Model 3s will be strong, so even if I only hold onto the car for a year or two, I'll be much happier with a Tesla than I would finding an interim car if my '04 Forester goes for a dump.
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