The next Tesla killer?


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Aug 19, 2017
Anacortes, WA
Tesla's competition is pulling all the stops in their latest developments to "kill" Tesla:

Presumably, the front grill drops down to reveal four AK-47's with Soviet-designed armor piercing rounds engineered to easily penetrate the battery pack of a Tesla.

Note the ludicrously consistent panel gaps and panel alignment that will make Tesla weep owners weep with envy. By using advanced computer modeling and analysis, designers were able to create market-leading aerodynamics while maintaining a healthy dose of old-school nostalgia that will make even the most die-hard futurist envious. But the beauty is not only skin deep. Under the magnificent lines lays a treasure trove of high-tech electronics enabling a range that exceeds 350 miles and can be fully charged in only 9 1/2 minutes. Advanced features include a crypto-currency mining mode. Coming soon to a showroom near you.

Here's a bonus beauty shot of the sexy rear end:
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