Teslas in movies, tv, books


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Apr 2, 2016
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we previously had a thread where Teslas appeared in shows and can't find it now....

I just finished a book called Caught in Time by Julie McElwain (pretty much a mashup of Outlander and Women's Murder Club - a 21st century FBI agent ends up being sucked back to 1815 by some unknown reason)
the FBI character describing a murder victim possibly having some hidden fortune/treasure notes how he had decorated his office and her inner dialog says: "it wasn't that different in the 21st century. The corporate raider wanting a fancy corner office, or a flashy new car. 'Hey look at me, I can afford a Tesla' "

(there was also a conversation between her and a maid lighting a fire with a tinder box, and her commenting on not being able to start a fire. the maid asking her if she doesn't have tinder boxes where she was from - her response was, "yes, we have Tinder, but that starts a different kind of fire".) lol