HOT Tesla Model Y new manufacturing processes detailed at Giga Berlin

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DEVELOPING: Tesla held an event at the new Giga Berlin factory located in Brandenburg Germany to showcase the factory for locals and enthusiast.

Numerous people got invites to the event which consisted of an outside party but also featured a detailed inside factory tour of which many new details about the construction process of the new Model Y, which I’ve dubbed version 2.0 have emerged.

Some of the details about the Model Y which will now feature a single front casting in addition to the current single rear casting were detailed during Tesla's Battery Day event held last September in Fremont have now come to light, including the new 4680 structural battery pack.

New Structural Pack
While initial Model Ys build at this factory will come with the same 2170 battery packs currently in use as the 4680 cells are not available in quantity yet, the new Model Y body has several changes to accommodate the new structural pack.

In this Tweet by j_power Tesla had a current and V2 Model Y on display side by side to show some of the differences.
Namely the current Model Y has its floor built into the body and then the battery pack with its own shell is installed from the bottom effectively making the car have 2 floors.
In Model Y V2 the body no longer has a floor, instead the top shell of the structural battery pack *is* the floor.

Closeup of the 468-0 cell equipped structural battery pack:

Further confirmed here:

Another shot of Model Y V2 showing the huge opening where the floor would normally be:
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I've been able to confirm from several attendees that Tesla also will also build Model Y V2 in a different manner: they will install the seats and the center console directly to the structural battery pack which will be mated to the body at the same time as the drivetrains eliminating the need for robots to install those through the doors.

This is a huge step change in how a car is made and shows Tesla is thinking very carefully about how to be more efficient in both time and capital investment.
Eliminating robots saves time and money.

Attendees were also told Giga Berlin can build bodies in 45 seconds because the new castings eliminate several hundred parts and hundred of robots that would otherwise be slower.

Model Y V2 front casting on display. Notice how many LESS parts are needed in the front:
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Model Y active headlights
In a new development, Tesla also had on display a Model Y front end with new active headlights. These lights put on a special projection show fearing Tesla logos that moved and up and down on a wall. Active headlights are used quite frequently on German cars to help illuminate at night the edges of roads for better visibility. No details were given if this would be coming to North America

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Other Interesting Things
Tesla was also showcasing several other interesting items from the factory such as the massive tooling dies for the Gigapress
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As well as the new DÜRR ColorLab paint facility
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If you've been watching over the last year or so you'll know that the factory has been mired in what can only be described as experiencing some obstruction from various environmental groups and possibly from the incumbent German auto companies behind the scenes. One can only think that this open-house on Tesla's part is likely a way to put some pressure on the regulatory agencies to finally award them their production permit.

Lastly I'll leave you with a parting thought: Giga Austin is more than 200% larger than Giga Berlin. Imagine what other advancements in terms of production efficiency and technology will be found there? Of course Model Y V2.0 will be built there using the same advancements but Cybertruck is the next mass-market vehicle slated to be made there so we fully expect it to have even more advanced manufacturing techniques and maybe if we're lucky, we might even get that fabled new digital wiring system..

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