Tesla makes another audacious Australian pitch

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Mar 10, 2017
Canberra, ACT
Things are moving fast. Tesla has made its second battery storage pitch in Australia in less than two weeks. But this time the audacious suggestion is to retrofit battery storage to 1.6 million households or a quarter of all households with installed photovoltaics (Note for administrator: If you think it of interest, I have the news item URL reference but do not have the authority to include).
Two weeks ago South Australia announced it would fix grid instability by spending half a billion dollars on battery storage and a gas-fired generator. Elon Musk joined the discussion by tweeting that "Tesla will get the
system [FONT=Helvetica, Roboto, Segoe UI, Calibri, sans-serif]installed and working 100 days from contract signature or it is free". Not to be outdone Prime Minister Turnbull promising a giant pump-hydro project dubbed "Snowy 2.0" by extending Australia's largest existing hydro scheme. An ambitious project it will take 7 or 8 years to bring to fruition from start of construction; but first there must be a feasibility study to flesh out the present "road map". And present cost estimates of $2 billion or more are likely to treble or quadruple.
Today's pitch from Tesla is to suggest something that could be done in one or two years at a fraction of the cost. It would also have the big advantage of being well distributed across the national grid.
Several Australian companies already offer household grid connected battery solutions. Canberra (the national capital) plans to use totally renewable energy by 2020. To enhance grid stability the local electricity supplier in conjunction with the ACT Government offers households subsidised grid-connected battery systems. PANASONIC, the CSIRO (the national scientific research organisation) and a local company were involved in developing the product (Note for administrator: Again, I have a URL reference if you wish to include).
The politics of the situation are complex. It will be interesting to see if the Tesla intervention helps speed the adoption of distributed grid-connected battery storage in Australia.