Tesla: It's high time you upped your game!


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Apr 2, 2016
Vancouver, WA
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I've said it before, the Vancouver SC is stellar - Sean (is it still Sean?) and his team are dedicated, knowledgeable and honest. Sadly this seems to be a Tesla service outlier.
not necessarily an outlier, but as is the norm with human nature, you hear most from those with issues.
I have always had great experiences with the Portland staff. Yes, during the time of my delivery they were very busy and it was some time before I was able to get into service for the minor things discovered at delivery. But every person I've dealt with there from delivery/sales. service and remote service has been amazing.


Apr 1, 2019
cloverdale, BC
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not necessarily an outlier, but as is the norm with human nature, you hear most from those with issues.
good point, however I was basing "outlier" on my own experiences with the various facets of Telsa I've encountered. Vancouver SC is head and shoulders above the rest.

Good to hear that other SC are also great - perhaps chalk that up to the never ending similarities between Vancouver and Portland :)
May 17, 2019
Northeast USA
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I'll post my report card:
  • Production
    • Production is a bit of an incomplete category, since it doesn't include design flaws. Can we change the name of this category to "quality"?
    • Paint job is worse than an 80's Chevy. In 35 years alive, I've never seen paint this bad on any brand new car, ever. My car came missing clearcoat entirely in several spots, which Tesla apparnetly tried to remedy by waxing (just those spots). There was a constant rattle under the dashboard that sounded like a broken speaker, which mysteriously resolved itself.
    • It's truely surprising when the dash computer, which has all of the instruments and controls for the entire car, freezes and then goes blank. This has happened 3 times in 2000 miles.
    • There were a couple of plastic rivets missing in the rear wheel wells, which made me wonder if there were any other fasteners missing.
    • GRADE: C-
  • Sales and Marketing
    • I was definitely nervous about buying the car because there is always a solid chance Tesla will drop the price substantially right afterwards and significantly depreciate my purchase.
    • Most of the people I encounter think I must be LOADED to be driving a model 3, even though late model Lexus, Infinity, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. are everywhere around here. The other car I would have considered buying was a Subaru STi, which would have cost me about 10% less after the tax rebate and been waaay more expensive to own... but I didn't have people constantly commenting on how expensive my car is driving my old STi around. So, apparently the word isn't out yet that Tesla makes affordable cars. Ironically, this thing is probably one of the cheaper cars around here.
    • GRADE: D-
  • Delivery
    • Car was delivered to my house in New Hampshire about six hours after I placed my deposit, so I can't complain about speed; however, because Tesla doesn't have a presence in my state, they couldn't offer temp plates like a normal car dealer... they delivered an un-driveable car. Have to knock a point off for that.
    • GRADE: B
  • Post Sales Service:
    • They delivered the car in late evening and I went on vacation before I even got to drive further than the block around my neighborhood, so I didn't notice the horrendous paint issues until two weeks post delivery. Tesla is fixing it anyway, so that's good on them. I find the app-based service scheduling a real breath of fresh air, and they have been great communicators.
    • GRADE: A
  • Spare Parts:
    • I really can't comment on this yet.
    • GRADE: NA
  • Supercharging Network
    • This is truely impressive. I've had to use supercharging several times, all of them on busy fair weather weekends, and it's pretty much gone off without a hitch. My car charges at 600+ MPH and has enough charge to continue on my way by the time I'm done with the bathroom.
    • My only gripe is that many of the "coming soon" stations around here have been at that status for two or three years. It's always "this year" that it'll be done. I'm sure these delays are caused by financial difficulties at Tesla.
    • GRADE: A-
  • Promises:
    • FSD?! You've got to be kidding; this is almost criminally misleading. 3 years of work and they can't even get TACC or LKA to work properly. I would bet real money that my car will be a rusting hulk in a junk yard before this happens. Then again, they did make good on the $35k car as far as I'm concerend ($35k in 2016 dollars is ~$38K in 2019 dollars, I account for future value in all money discussions because anything else is ridiculous IMHO). Honestly, that they were able to deliver the car at all prevents a failing grade here.
    • GRADE: D
  • Features:
    • This car has some great and obviously useful features that you can't get in other cars, such as Sentry Mode, free streaming, OTA updates, and overall excellent systems integration. It's also missing some features that my friend's Toyota Rav 4 came with, such as stitched parking view and heated steering wheel.
    • GRADE: B-
The report card looks pretty dire, but then it doesn't really touch on the actual reasons I bought the car such as total cost of ownership, performance, efficiency, and a general desire to reward companies that take risks and innovate.
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