Tesla Gold Coast Model 3 Display

Nov 21, 2017
Madison, Wisconsin
Tesla Owner
Good afternoon! I've been lurking on this forum for a while now (non-owner, first-day online reservation holder in Wisconsin, awaiting blue/aero/PUP, recently bumped into the May-Jul window from Feb-Apr). Happened to be in Chicago speaking at a conference and had some time before heading off to the airport. I noted that there's a Tesla gallery in the Gold Coast and that they allegedly have a Model 3 on display as of 3 days ago (!), so I strolled the 1.3 miles north and…there it was.
Line was no longer than 2 people long, even mid-day on a Saturday — I imagine the post-apocalyptic-style snowstorm reports kept people away (it was fine). A beautiful red Model 3 was on display there, surrounded by a surprisingly large number of Tesla staff. (I imagine they were expecting many more people — I can't imagine it's cost-effective to have that many people there usually.)

Observations: trunk is larger than it looks on photos. Frunk is laughably small — I almost wonder why they bothered. (Probably because it's a signature feature.) Back seat felt tight for *me* (I'm 6'4"), but then again, that's the case for most cars. I'm rarely sitting in the back of a car, and if I had to sit in one of these in the back for up to an hour, it'd be fine. The driver's seat felt *very* comfortable and well-aligned. The bar between the glass roof front edge and the windshield felt like it was "in the way", but once I moved the seat down, it was fine. Liked the glass roof (as I expected I would), but can't wait to experience that outdoors. The steering wheel was surprisingly small-feeling, but I don't think that's a bad thing. The flip-out door handles felt solid and well-made, and very easy to operate.

I don't know how I'll feel about everything being on the LCD display, but sitting in the car it didn't feel like an issue. I agree that allowing for a bit of a tilt wouldn't have been a bad thing…and I wonder how reflections/glare will be in the outside world. Red colour was *gorgeous*…but then again, it was inside and all polished up. I think I'll be sticking to my choice of blue.

I was only mildly annoyed by the slight upselling the staff were doing — gee, maybe I'd like a Model S even more, have I considered a Powerwall, etc etc. It wasn't particularly pushy (I've experienced far worse), but still.
One of the staff seemed slightly clueless, even after I told him I was in the May-Jul window, asking me "Oh, have you been in the Design Studio part yet to configure?" :) Another person kept encouraging me to drive a Model S (not today), to make sure I felt okay with how Teslas drive. Granted, I haven't driven one, but I have ridden in one, and I have some feel for an electric car, having had a Prius Prime (the Plug-in Prius) for a year now. Not sure why they kept pushing that.

They did have water, coffee, and Rx Bars for free, and they also were giving away the little Model 3 prints that many of us got in the mail. (Hmm. Not much of a "thank you gift" if you can walk in off the street and grab as many as you want.) Then again, given I had recycled mine, I was happy to pick up a couple (one for me, one for my teenage son).

Anyhow…back to the wait. I don't mind the slight bump, but given that this car will be replacing a 14-year-old (non-plug-in) Prius that is slowly falling apart, I'd really like there to be no further delays. Time will tell!

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