Tesla evangelism in Maine - two heartwarming tales

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Sep 20, 2017
As you all know, we've had National Drive Electric Week recently with EV events across the country. Maine, as small and rural as it may be, had three well organized such events! As a Model 3 owner, I participated to one of the events in South Portland. Among seeing some of the "regular" Tesla owners (we're not that many in the whole state, to the point that we started to know each other and wave on the highway if we see a fellow Tesla driver!), there was a lot of interest from various demographics. Two people who I talked to moved my heart and I wanted to briefly share their stories.

Some of the most passionate non-EV owners I met were a middle aged man and his wife. The man's story was that he's a carpenter in a rural part of Maine, and that he's trying everything he can to save the environment: solar panels, electric snow blower, electric lawn mower, but no EV yet. However, he could tell you more about Tesla and Elon Musk than the majority of the Tesla owners I met so far. He is passionate about Tesla and doesn't waste any opportunity to convince other people who can afford the money, to buy one. His wife told me that she's trying to convince him to sell a piece of land to afford a Tesla.
Fast forward a week later, to yesterday. I went to one of the largest organic country fairs in the US, here in Maine. Among the booths, I stumbled upon this guy, the carpenter. He didn't notice me for a while: he was in a very animated conversation with a person who, unsuspectingly, was showing interest in the wood work. Well, he got something else instead: an entire speech about Tesla, current state of Model 3 production, Elon Musk's vision, all backed by insane level of details. The conversation was so impressive that I actually listened for a few minutes too. Eventually I was noticed and how glad our carpenter friend was to see me. I was able to basically nod and confirm everything that he said. It was truly amazing to see this level of advocacy and enthusiasm from someone who doesn't even own a Tesla and won't for a while. One of the things he told me was that "I just want to buy a Tesla to show all my redneck neighbors with big trucks how powerful an electric car can be, and it doesn't even make that horrible noise and smoke."

The second story I want to share is about an older man who said he's about to get his Model 3 any day now. He was probably mid 70s and his simple story made me tear up: "I'm old and I'm probably gonna die in the next 5-10 years. I have money and I can buy any expensive car I want. I also want my grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren, to live on a healthy planet. My legacy to them is that I want to support a company like Tesla. I want Tesla to be successful and I want to help them by buying their cars. So, this is my contribution. All my friends say that I'm stupid, that I should buy a BMW or a Porsche. But I tell them that 'those are not electric. I don't want to burn more gas.'"

Considering how Maine is among the most rural states in the US, these two stories moved me a lot. There is hope for the future of electric vehicles. Sometimes these rays of hope come from the most unexpected places. Like rural Maine from a humble wood worker. Or a man who buys a car not for himself, but to support a visionary man and his company.