T≡SLA Journey & Elon's life... up to now (1Q17)

Michael Russo

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Oct 15, 2016
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I thought hard about where to create this thread as it could as well had been placed in the Off Topic category... then I thought, how can a reasonably detailed description of Elon's life up to now be considered as 'off-topic' on this forum?!!! :) So I picked Introductions as I thought this is exactly what this is going to be to (at least) a few members... I imagine some if not most of you have already investigated about Elon's journey to where he is now so this may be old news to you... Hopefully others may learn a think or two and find it quite a discovery...

I was taking to a colleague today about my new passion for T≡SLA and she said, how funny, she recently did some digging on Elon's background as part of her prep for à Mktg Day... and found this which she shared with me; I immediately thought of bringing it up to y'all's attention..!


Not only does it include quite a lot of information on what shaped this unique & brilliant man, it offers at least an attempt at insights on how some of these learnings could be useful to the reader... you may not agree with all this yet I encourage you to read along objectively...
Anyhow... enjoy! :)

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