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Jan 13, 2019
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I recently submitted a feature request to Tesla, and in the e-mail exchange that followed it became clear to me there is currently no way for owners to vote on the issues that affect us most.

In reply to my original request, the support person said:

"We thank you for reaching out to us regarding your feature request. I have noted it for consideration in the future when we are developing future products."

To that I asked:

"Is there a Tesla UserVoice or something similar where owners can vote on the features they want most?"

The reply:

"We recommend that you contact us when you have suggestions regarding possible vehicle features."

And my final reply:

"I’m happy to do that. But without a public forum like, you won’t have any signal about how many other owners are impacted by the same issue. (Or who desire the same feature). Without that signal, it will be difficult to figure out which features / issues will lead to the greatest return in customer satisfaction. Please consider opening a UserVoice account or Similar. I know many of us in the community would be active contributors."

If you too would like to see Tesla take advantage of a service like, please consider doing the following:

  1. Go to and click Sign In
  2. Next to your vehicle, click the Manage button
  3. Underneath the vehicle panel click the Request Help button
  4. in the dropdown select Feedback
In the Subject and Description fields, just mention that you'd like to see Tesla take advantage of a service like If you don't know what to say, you can copy and past the following and tweak it to meet your needs:

A Vote for UserVoice

I would love to see Tesla start using a service like to interact with customers. UserVoice allows owners like me to vote on the most frustrating issues as well as the features I'd like most. Leveraging a service like UserVoice would allow Tesla to prioritize efforts that will lead to the greatest customer satisfaction. It's a win for both Tesla and it's customers, and I hope you'll consider. Thank you!

AO - Pete

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Jul 26, 2017
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I agree. It's also worth checking out a recent thread that Bonnie started on Twitter - sort of with the same objective, but not as structured as something like Uservoice. It's a start though.