Soon to be used Model S owner

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Apr 4, 2016
Pittsburgh PA
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Model 3
Welcome! :)

I've got a 2018 Volt. Fine little car. It does feel a little unwanted at times though.



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Mar 17, 2021
Minnesota & Florida
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I love my 2015 Model S but it first started to show signs of a HV battery issue last May when the full charge went from about 230 miles(268 when new) to about 210 miles in a period of a month at about 103K miles. I got stranded on the highway twice with about 30 miles left on the battery meter. I a few other close calls where I limped home with 30-45 miles left on the battery and it went into the Tesla service center 4 times but they indicated nothing was wrong. Weary of arguing with them, I drove it over the winter and never let the charge get below 60 miles until a month ago when I was returning from a 85 mile trip and the car suddenly lost any ability to accelerate or maintain speed over 53 mph. I was able to make it the few mile home and this time when I scheduled service they immediately ordered a new HV battery and it was replaced 10 days ago. The battery now charges and performs like a champ. I've only brought it up to a full charge once so far which was 243 miles(my old battery was maxing out at 192 miles) which is where it was when I had 20k on it when it was 9 months old. I was told by the service center manager that they have much more leeway in replacing HV batteries than they did a year ago. Obviously a bit frustrating that they didn't replace mine last summer but all it right now and I'm still loving the car and it drives like new with 113k. I have new wheels and a carbon trunk spoiler coming next week.

I would rather have a used Model S than a new Model 3 or Model Y as I like the extra cargo room(I haul two or three golf bags and golfers often with pull carts and in the winter 3-4 skiers and equipment) and much prefer the body style of the S over any other Tesla even if it is 9 years old. Last summer I had a buddy pick up a 2015 P85D with 38,000 miles on it for $36k from a private party. Evidently the Mercedes dealer only offered him $33k on trade so he sold it himself.
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