Some froggie owning a Model S and looking up to a Model 3... Performance


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Nov 11, 2017
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Model S
As the title says.

I have no Model 3 reservation whatsoever, I own a Model S 90D from April 2017 which I'm (nearly) plenty satisfied with.

If I were to replace this car, it would be for either a Model S 100D or a Model 3 performance version...

And that's about it really.

Given my upbringing, I only ever talk SI units (imperial please go to hell) so here is my history with Tesla:

* my first Tesla was also a Model S 90D, AP1, from July 2016, bought CPO, with 2700 km on the odo, traded with 37500 km...
* ... for my second 90D, April 2017, AP2 (obviously), bought new, now 27700 km.

I considered the performance version of the Model 3 until recently, that is, until the 100D cut down its naught to 60 by quite some margin, and I quite like the Model S. But the Model S is bulky. But I like it.

Ahwell. Nothing is known about the "Model 3 P" anyway, so I'll just wait...