September 23 MeetUp details at Markham Park


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Apr 6, 2016
South Florida
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Hello everyone,

A few details for tomorrow’s meeting at Markham Park in Sunrise, Florida. I went today and found a really nice spot near the lake with lots of shade, three tables, and a grill. Most of you know already, but just for clarity, this is a very informal “event”, no one is paying us to do this, and any expenses are on us.

I’ve prepared a setup with some things to grill and munch on, and sodas, juices, and water to keep everyone hydrated.

This is not an official event as far as the park is concerned, so we need to be considerate with common sense items.

The other way to do this at the park would have been paying for permits and insurances. So, while I know that it will be an awesome day at the park with Tesla friends, keep in mind this is mostly a day at a park grilling and talking Tesla with the awesome people that I know you all are. I also want to use tomorrow to talk about the possibility of formalizing it and doing it again at a cadence.

Below is a Google Maps pin of the spot I’m grabbing in the morning. If for any reason, the spot is not available, I will update the pin.

I may also turn on location sharing on my side, and disclose it temporarily here. I will also turn on Direct Messages from anyone in my Twitter account @TesLatino in case anyone needs to reach me.

To those of you that have already said you’re going, I will see you tomorrow.

Have a great rest of your day and night, and drive safely tomorrow.

Thank you,