San Francisco Area Massive new Tesla Charging station

Aug 10, 2017
San Francisco, CA
Tesla Owner
Model 3
I discovered the legendary, lost charging station, ‘Tesla-la’...
a new charging location that opened at Serramonte mall near San Francisco!

It all happened Friday night....
I was looking for an open Volta charging stall when I decided to explore the new parking garage at Serramonte mall in the Colma/Dayly City area (just south of San Francisco).

I climbed high...
all the way to the top of the parking garage structure to find more
Tesla chargers than I could count!!!

One model S owner was parked there, taking pictures.
I promised him not to tell anyone about this electric mirage, then descended to the bottom.

A Tesla rep approached me at the bottom of the garage to let me know there were 40 chargers available!

Obviously, I could not keep the secret :)