Reminder: TEXAS TESLA DRIVERS, 5 Days Left to earn $100 for balancing the grid

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Jeda - Tesla Tech Accessories is a company that works with ERCOT and Texas retailers to save EV drivers money by charging off-peak and earn additional cash by helping to balance the power grid. Our app is free for Tesla drivers to download, connect to their vehicle, select their retailer & rate, set a ready-by time, and smart-charge. We'll always make sure your vehicle is charged by the time you need it, while charging off-peak to save you money and optimizing charging schedules to keep the grid balanced. To qualify for a $100 Amazon gift card, just download the app, connect your Tesla and start charging with us before April 30th. You'll also need to be within ERCOT's service territory (sorry, but Austin Energy and CPS Energy are not eligible at this time). You can sign-up here:

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