Rear-End Accident Update / Repairs Complete


May 29, 2018
Glen Mills, PA
As an update to:

Full backstory for anyone else, stolen from my reddit post:

Picked up my new Model 3 on August 9th - delivery was awesome, car was great. Took off my aeros, kept the car clean, took probably 30+ people for rides in it.

On August 22nd, someone rear-ended me. The person admitted fault, and his car was demolished comparatively. I got pushed (gently) into the car in front of me as well. I took mine to the same shop where /u/drapedinvelvet had gotten his fixed, just coincidentally. I had had the car 13 days...

Took a few weeks to get an estimate, and it wasn't cheap:
On August 30th I was told that all parts were ordered, but that some pieces (2 in particular) were on 3 week backorder - so I set my sights on 9/20. Got a call this past weekend that it was almost done - and saw them charging it. Got a call today to come get it. 20 work days in the shop, 24 days without the car.
Even got a new license plate ring? Have to see what that cost, lol. They even pounded my license plate flat again. Word from the shop (a Tesla authorized place) is that Model 3 parts are coming in way faster compared to Model S / X.
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