Projekt E new car

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New Member
Sep 23, 2019
Hi, I am a new member of this forum but long time viewer of the youtube channel. I am from small country in eastern Europe called Latvia. We have strong motorsports traditions, great mechanics working in world class motorsport teams and also we have few world class drivers.

But the thing I wanted to turn your attention to is an event that happened in my country a week ago that I think is significant for auto sports as a whole.

During the weekend (September 14-15) there was a FIA World Rallycross race in Riga, Latvia and what is special about it that the new "Projekt E" EV rallycross supercar was presented.

So here are some videos so that you can have some insights on what's to come in motorsports in near future (starting next years season):

Presentation video with what's to come and some specs on the car and the kit that powers it and is available for sports teams to order.

In different interview a representative from STARD team said that the EV kit for a supercar costs about 195 000 EUR and ready to race car costs about 357 000 EUR. I don't have any reference on how it compares to ICE rallycross supercars pricing though.

Test rides

Video below is from a local latvian vlogger who got behind the scenes of team called STARD who races in WRX Supercar class and also is the manufacturer of this particular EV Supercar. What is particulary interesting in this video is the after crash safety equipment shown at 2min, which consists of hook to pull out driver in case of driver beeing under current, rubber gloves, converter for fire fighters to connect their hose directly to battery to cool and put out the fire and a defibrilator. Also at 3min he highlights the green safety LEDs which indicate that battery and electrical system is ok and car is safe to approach. If those LEDs were to turn red extra safety measures should be applied to approach the car.
Also interesting facts about the car that vlogger mentions is that battery lasts for 14 laps which is said to be the same as the ICE cars. The battery can be charged in an hour (doesn't specify from what to what SOC). Also engineers that built the car says that it is considerably more safe in terms of chance of igniting or not to mention exploding after crash.

Hope you guys find this interesting!