Please help make Condominium EV charging possible in Ontario


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Oct 20, 2015
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Many people in Ontario would like to own an EV but live in a condo and are unable to secure EV charging. The government has proposed changes to the Condominium Act that will make it easier for condo owners to charge their EV at home! Please take 2 minutes to show your support before the January 2nd deadline. The more positive supporting responses received by the Ministry, the better the chances are that the proposal will be adopted.

Commenting is quick and easy:

1. Click on this link:
2. Click on the "Comment on this proposal via email" link at the bottom of the page
3. Enter your information and paste the following example into the form:

RE: Proposal Number 17-MGCS021 Regulatory Proposals Regarding EV Readiness

I am writing to express my support for the proposals your department has put forward related to EV preparedness in condominiums.

Of critical importance are the proposals contained in sections five and six of the consultation document ("Use of Reserve Funds" and "Charging Stations Upon Request of Owners"). I ask that you implement these, and the other proposals being considered as soon as possible. The proposals appear to be well balanced, are fair to all parties, and will contribute to EV adoption in Ontario cities.

You may also want to consider providing financial assistance to condominium corporations that want to act early. In addition to rewarding early action, it would take pressure off home owners to fund the entire cost of the upgrades. Such assistance would also contribute to achieving Ontario's 2020 EV sales goals.

Addressing this issue will help those living in multi-unit buildings to make the switch to clean transportation. Access to charging at home is a major barrier to adoption. With over 600,000 condominium units and well over a million Ontarians already living in multi-unit buildings the proposed changes are welcome, fair, and balanced.