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Mar 10, 2017
Canberra, ACT
Greetings from autumn in sunny Oz. Following many recent summers of record temperatures, storms and floods I am just so grateful there's no such thing as climate change.
I share a passion for a sustainable future where my grandkids don’t say “but why didn’t you do anything grandpa”.
On my grand-kids behalf (or that's the excuse) I plan to have fun in my Tesla Model 3. But I also know the grand-kids will have a lot of fun in the Tesla, hence the nom de plume (excuse the double entendre).

For many years I’ve been a great fan of nuclear fusion. About 6 years ago I bought my own nuclear-sourced gas station which conveniently receives daily deliveries (takes about 8 ½ minutes to get from the reactor). Sounds dangerous and
a few years back there was a scare when dangerous leaks developed in the radiation shield. Repairs were reasonably successful. Where I live there’s now good protection although in summer we need to take personal precautions.
The gas station has a few advantages compared to our local oil-sourced gas station so quite a few of my friends are now also buying their own. Apart from the free daily fuel deliveries the gas station has other advantages (often referenced on the forum). It is compact so fits on my garage roof (see my avatar) and will enable free nightly refuelling of my car - pity I have to wait until May 2019. It ended up costing me nothing as I quickly recovered the initial capital outlay thanks to the free fuel and a generous feed-in tariff.

Finally I’d like to say a VERY BIG thank you to Trevor for organising the Model 3 Owners Club. It’s a fabulous resource for any Tesla Model 3 fan – in fact anyone interested in EVs. Since I discovered the web site several months ago I’ve been an avid reader of all the posts. I’m impressed by the depth of knowledge and passion the diverse membership brings to the various forums. So thankyou also to EVERYONE who contributes. Occasionally I plan to throw my oar in too.
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