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Nov 19, 2021

GM Tesla owners, NRS Brakes here to not only promote our brake pads, but here to help with any questions you may have regarding brakes. Education and Safety is of major importance to us in a very unregulated industry, which led us to founding initiatives such as the Global Brake Safety Committee and As a company we have been in the brake industry for over 25 years as a brake component manufacturer and supplier. In 2019 we decided to use all our technologies we've brought into the brake industry and create the ultimate brake pad, a true premium experience. From our NRS technology to prevent delamination, galvanized steel to protect against rush, noise dampening NU-LOK shims and piston cushions, our brake pads are guaranteed to last longer than any other. And maybe the best of all, everything is manufactured in North America!

Appreciate the forum members who have already purchased our brake pads for their Tesla, we see you. Upcoming for all Tesla Owners Online members we'll be doing some giveaways, TOO specific discount codes, and more. But please ask away on anything brakes, we'd be happy to answer any questions including the obvious why EV vehicles do need to pay more attention to their brakes.

Some cool stuff that we have done recently include putting NRS Brakes inside Blake Fuller's record setting Mt. Washington hill climb in his Tesla Plaid. We've done a video with Rich Rebuilds and Electrified Garage to showcase our product. A lot of exciting things in the works and always open to ideas from you guys on what you want to see.

Cheers and inquire away!


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