New member anxiously awaiting model 3


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Jul 15, 2017
Hi everybody,

And a special hello to Trevor and Kenneth

I love the Tesla model 3 owners club website (and youtube channel and twitter account) it has all the latest info and it looks stunning. I think it is the best. How did you do it?

My name is Dirk and I am living in the Netherlands.
And yes I also made a reservasion for a model 3. After that the waiting began.
To my knowledge there are now 135 reservations made in the Netherlands so far.

Im looking forward to the 28th, to see the handover of 30 model 3’s to a luky few.
I will have to wait a while, I know USA first and than the rest of the world, no problem. I am a patient man. In the Meanwhile I will keep reading your posts etc.

I also started/
founded a model 3 owners club in the Netherlands.
No competition intended just a partner club in Europe ;-)
And I am looking for Dutch/Belgian enthousiast wich would like to join the Dutch model 3 clubt to attend model 3 owner meetings in the future.
I can use some help building the club, and a Wordpress expert would be nice.
Feel free to contact me. Checkout the website I build www. TeslaModel3Club .nl (still under construction.)

Hope to read more about the model 3 here and please visit my website to.
Keep up the good work and keep spreading the Tesla philosophy, thanks.

Kind regards,

Michael Russo

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Oct 15, 2016
Pau, France
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@DirkW , first of all, van harte WELKOM op M3OC !!
I added you to the open conversation between Dutch speakers, started some months with our friend @MichelT3 ! Hopefully that will help with your goal of getting a Dutch club together!

Other than that, I want to tell you you've come to the right place as we all wait for your Model 3 (when did you reserve by the way?)!!!
While Trev and Ken started this very much 'with a Canadian spin', our forum has now become of purely global point of sharing & exchanges, where we learn from eachother, get wiser over time (ok, most of the time... ;)) and very often have fun!!

Enjoy, Mike