MPP Page Mill P3D+ Front Rotors


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Aug 11, 2018
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Ooooo any specs? Weights, thickness, etc? Feel free to DM if MPP doesn't want that info publicly known just yet. They look amazing! Might just have to pull the trigger...
Yeah, a proper post would have included that information, but I just couldn't help it and wanted to share a picture. :oops:

I plan to post a side-by-side comparison in the next day or two (or as soon as I get the time to install them). I'm pretty sure they're the same diameter as stock, but definitely thicker. A quick tape measurement this morning has them at 14" diameter, and 1" thick. I will weigh them this afternoon - they are beefy!

I will agree that they are gorgeous to look at, and pics don't do them any justice! :hearteyes: