Model 3 5% Dyno Test! Black Friday! New Product Teasers!

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May 15, 2018
Toronto, Ontario
Tesla Owner
Model 3

And you thought that all you’d be talking about today was the Cyber truck. No no my friends, let us give you something to distract you from that. You may love it, or you may hate it. We’re going to make parts for it either way, and if we’re honest we hope the production truck will be a little less… sharp.

5% Power Increase – We Test It On Our Dynapack Chassis Dyno

First off – we just finished doing a dyno test with both an SR+ and LR RWD Model 3 to see if the 5% power increase is real. Good news – it very much is real, but it only comes into play once the system falls into field weakening. (read more about that here). We can’t wait to get our cars on track to see how much lap time is to be had from this update.

Here’s the video. Hope you enjoy it! Make sure to hit subscribe on YouTube to keep up to date with new videos.

Tesla Model 3 5% Power Increase Dyno Tested!

Black Friday!

We know how much you enjoy being drowned with sales and deals and want to join in in this ultimate consumeristic tradition. Because in this holiday season, who really deserves a gift? Is it your spouse, or your children? Nonsense. We all know it’s your Tesla.
Our Black Friday deals will go live on Friday the 29th and end December 1st at Midnight EST. Please don’t ask us if you miss out on the deals. You snooze, you lose!
We’re still planning exactly what our sale will look like, but rest easy knowing that this will be our biggest sale of the year. For those considering a coil-over purchase, our coil-over pricing will be going up slightly on our Sports coilovers, so the sale price will likely be your last chance to order coilovers at our current pricing.

New Products

In addition to our Black Friday sale, we’ll have a pre-order sale on new products we’ve been working on that will go live at the same time. These products won’t be shipping until the new year, but we thought we’d add these to our Black Friday sale for those that want to save a few bucks that don’t mind waiting. It also helps us gauge the interest so we can make the right amount on our first production run.

Let’s take a look at some of the new bits you can look forward to:

Tesla Model 3 Front Lower Control Arm Bushing

The main upgrade we’ve been working on for a long time on the front of the Model 3. Some of you that have read our Laguna Seca lap record report will know that the front lower control arm bolts backed out on us even after being checked only a few weeks prior to the event. This is a fairly common problem that our bushing kit aims to solve, but the main benefit is the massive increase in steering response, front end grip and chassis feedback that comes from removing the factory lower control arm bushings with sealed, spherical bearings.

It’s one of those things you need to feel to experience. With high grip tires, the lateral bushing deflects significantly, changing the front toe of the vehicle and significantly reducing front axle grip, and that’s not even getting into the front end “wobble” that is eliminated by removing these bushings.
Of all the bushings on the car, we could argue that this one has the most significant impact on platform feel and laptime.

Tesla Model 3 Cyber Rear Traction And Trailing Arms

Finish up the back of your Model 3 with our traction and trailing arms, removing 2 more soft OE bushings with sealed spherical bearings, and replacing the steel welded OE arms with beautiful billet aluminum links.
Their sharp edges, and announcement the day after the launch of the Cybertruck has us feeling like naming these Cyber Rear Traction and Trailing Arms. We’ll see if that sticks!
Length adjustment is not needed as in our long experience in racing we’ve always found that without moving the actual pickup points on the subframe, the only link adjustments that should be made are with the camber and toe arms. We’ll elaborate on that on the product page that will launch next week.

Tesla Model 3 Lightweight Rear Spring Arm

Designed for use with our coilover kits, this rear spring arm allows the use of 70mm ID linear springs, allowing you to pick and choose spring rates easily front and rear. The main benefit of this kit? A 12lb weight reduction compared to the OE spring arm and larger spring!
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