Los Angeles Blackvue Install Group Buy

Aug 21, 2018
Los Angeles
Tesla Owner
Model 3
Hi everybody,

A lot of us got our PPF/clear coat through the group buy on the TMC forum organized by [FONT=Roboto]@mobilesuit818[/FONT]. The vendor was Concours Auto Spa, which now has two locations: Torrance and Marina del Rey.

I have now bought but not yet received a Blackvue dash cam (DR900S-2CH). I had thought it would be an easy DIY thing, but I'm now thinking I would rather have somebody properly install it...so I asked Concours. Doug says he would be willing to do $300 per install (you provide the camera) and then when we reach 20 paid installs, he would give each of us a $50 rebate.

I don't know whether this is a good deal or not. Please chime in with your quotes. If it's not a good deal, I'm sure I can ask Doug to sharpen his pencil. Also, please reply if you are interested in the group deal.