Launch Protect X GetYourWheels: Screen Protector Review

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Jan 31, 2018
Santa Fe Springs
GetYourWheels Product Review
Launch Protect Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

After using our own Model 3 to test various wheel fitments from 18" to 20" and even 21", we've had a wonderful opportunity to partner with Launch.

Having done a special giveaway last month, we bring you our first impressions on the our own screen protector.
An important feature that separates this screen protector from the rest is its ability to filter out harmful blue light.
This comes in handy as we spend more time in our Tesla vehicles enjoying the latest version 10 software update packed with new entertainment features.
All that screen time can contribute to your digital eye strain and affect your sleeping patterns.

Here, we have a professionally packaged item with sufficient amount of packaging and straight into a beautiful envelope packaging that includes everything you need.

Within the envelope, you'll find a felt covered squeegee, a microfiber, dust removers, alcohol wipe, detailed installation guide, installation alignment guides and the screen protector itself.

Installation itself was pretty self explanatory but watching their very detailed installation videos online was a great refresher course for screen protector installs and would help anyone who would have questions about each item. An important note for those who feel that they can do the install, there is a curvature difference on the screen from top versus bottom so be sure to test before peeling off the backing.

For our install, we cleaned our screen with the provided alcohol wipe and followed up with a microfiber and then the dust removers (stickers).

Here is a before shot of the screen.

We didn't use our alignment guides since we had many hours of practice from installing screen protectors on MacBooks and smartphones.

After shot and a close-up shot to show the thickness of the screen protector itself.

Overall, we're very happy with the product just for the simple fact for protecting our screen. No more worrying about fine scratches on the screen and since we do deal with a lot of fine metals, our primary Model 3 owner does get the occasional metal fiber in his finger tips. If you guys have any questions about the product, feel free to ask.​
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