Kels the Hybrid 350Z Time Attack Car


May 15, 2018
Toronto, Ontario
Tesla Owner
Model 3
For anyone interested in racing and powerful ICE, we just finished up a groundbreaking dyno session here at MPP headquarters. We love to work on this car in the evenings and are proud to have been able to achieve these numbers after years of struggle.

We burned less than 20L of fuel from the first startup, break-in, partial, and full throttle tuning. Our position has always been to tell car enthusiasts that we aren't asking you to give up your fun weekend toy! Look for something more efficient (preferably EV) for your daily commute- you can still make a difference in your carbon emissions without sacrificing your passion. If you happen to get a Tesla for your daily commute you will probably have more fun than before.

Kels is going to set some lap records before we take her apart to install our hybrid KERS system. If anyone is interested in this we would gladly share progress here, such as the customized Formula-E motor we have in progress, the custom thermally managed battery we are planning and the Motec electronics to control it all.