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Oct 15, 2016
Twin Cities, Minnesota
Before I started directing as much as possible of my investment dollars into TSLA, I had been a believer (and still am) of what I call the ‘John C. Bogle school of investing”. Bogle was the person who founded The Vanguard Group, and more to the point, the practice of Index Funds in general and especially low cost index funds.

Then I drained and almost cashed out most of my funds to purchase as much TSLA as possible. So far, so good. Also, I have recently placed some money (minuscule by most investors standards) into: CHPT (Chargepoint), EVGO (same name), LAC (Lithium Americas), PLL (Piedmont Lithium Ltd.) and of course kept my original TSLA. I have not (yet) purchased any ALB (Almemarle). I would prefer to instead get back into index fund investing, but I’m not satisfied with something like the “Vanguard 500 Index Fund”.

I want a low-cost index fund that concentrates on Electric Vehicles and related fields, incl. non-Tesla fast DC charging, lithium, and related minerals and/or resources. Some well thought out exposure to Solar would also be good. U.S. based and/or Non-Chinese companies would be preferred.

Does anyone know of an index fund that meets these desires,
Should I just keep on with my few selections and quantities of direct stock purchases?