I did this! [charge station in Bend, OR]


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Apr 2, 2016
Vancouver, WA
Tesla Owner
Model 3

Nearly two years ago, while meeting with a client that we where in the process of designing a shopping center for in Bend, I asked if they would be including any EV charging stations. Of the two owner's reps in the meeting, one was not at all interested. The other was. My boss laughed and went on to tell the others I'd recently reserved a car that I'd not be able to charge for over two years. Even in the EV-friendly NW, most developers are not wanting to front the expense. Knowing @AEDennis had been involved with some advocacy groups on the west coast, I got a contact from him for equipment/software. He hooked me up with EV Connect that was just beginning to expand into the NW, offered pretty low startup costs and gives the property owner the ability to manage how they want to charge for the use, or if it will be free. I provided the owners with the costs, advantages, disadvantages, etc (also tried to get them to get in on the Tesla Destination program, but they didn't go for that) and just noticed one of the units has been posted on PlugShare!
When I was last on site, they were not yet installed, plan to make that one of my first road trips after getting my car. For anyone that will be in Bend, OR, stop by Robal Road Village and let me know how it goes! There are (4) J1772 plugs, 2 next to each of the trash enclosures down the middle of the center.