I’m honored to be a Tesla owner

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Kick-Gas Contributor
May 28, 2017
New York
Tesla Owner
Model X
I have seen many comments on this forum like “I’m not going to buy a Tesla because...” from things like they can’t test drive it to they are made from aluminum to missing features like QI charger or spare tire.

I can tell you I am COMPLETELY HONORED to call myself a Tesla owner. Yes, the car has some quirks. I still don’t have auto wipers and sometimes rain comes in when I open the Falcon doors but Tesla and Elon are SO MUCH more than a regular car company. Some people compare the waiting lines for Tesla to Apple but Tesla goes above and beyond for their owners and Elon cares about humanity and has plans to change the world. See my other post about the recent Elon Musk Rolling Stone article. https://teslaownersonline.com/threads/elon-musk-rolling-stone-article.5276/#post-56499

Aside from articles and promises, take the recent hurricanes as an example. Tesla does everything within their power to help out even when it isn’t profitable for the company. They pushed out free emergency updates to Florida owners of 60kw Tesla’s to allow them to evacuate more easily. They pushed solar panels and battery systems to Puerto Rico for emergency power generation. They banned sales to Puerto Rican installers that were price gouging customers for installations.

And for their regular owners like me, I just got my 75D uncorked for free. When I bought my Model X, Tesla announced a faster version 2 weeks later. I was a little irritated but when I made the decision to buy my car, I was happy with the specs at the time so I can’t be upset with Tesla for my past decision. Then Tesla realized that much of the performance upgrade can be done through a hard software update (not OTA) and decided to give it away to their 75D owners FOR FREE. This surely is an expense for Tesla as my car was at their shop for 3 hours to do the update but Tesla chooses to do the right thing for their customers because of Elon’s moral compass.

I think I will be a loyal Tesla owner for life even if another brand comes out with a better or cheaper car simply because I want to support a company and CEO that shares the same philosophy that I have. Plus now I can get there in a 6000lb car in under 5 seconds....:hearteyes: