How long is chrome strip above doors? for chrome delete

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Tesla Pilot, Owner, and Shareholder
Sep 12, 2017
Tesla Owner
Model 3
How long is the continuous chrome strip curving above the doors from mirror to the back of rear door where it stops before the rear piece? I am planning to immediately cover the chrome and need to know how big a vinyl piece I need to order. I am assuming that it is between 5 and 7 feet.

I plan to do most of it from stock vinyl, but I did buy a few specialty pieces from RPM Tesla. After two weeks they finally shipped and arrived quickly. I like the interior door set to cover the shiny plastic and hide the manual latches. The door sill ones should protect those and look nice on my white car. I am debating about trying red underneath these so that the lettering is red for a nice accent. I was disappointed in the fender camera wraps. The main pieces do not have the fine line through the T as appears in the product photos and the T inserts do not look like they will fill the space in the main pieces as the product product photo so chrome will be visible around the insert, but they immediately replied to my email and assured it will be like the product photo so I will see how it looks.

I plan to wrap the handles in white if I can find an acceptable color to match or complement the paint. I have a stack of samples and will post what works best. I might do the fender cameras in white also if I don't like how the RPM pieces work. I will do the frunk/trunk logos and try vinyl, but if the sides don't come out well I will just use plastidip on them. Was planning black logos, but I have seen them look good in red so considering that. Will also do the center console in satin black since I will have plenty left from the trim. I might do the wood strip if I'm not crazy about it, but not sure if I would do black or maybe satin white to compliment the exterior. Finally I plan to wrap the lighter parts of the aero covers in black to darken them and I think it will help highlight the other part that looks more like traditional wheel spokes.

I want to get the trim wrapped right away because I plan to get ceramic coating as soon as possible.

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