Home charging vs regen braking


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May 25, 2017
Salt Lake
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Model 3
Charging at home for the first time tonight (usually charge at work) and also happened to drive up and back down a ~20 mile canyon earlier today. Both introduced some interesting data points. I generated almost 4 kW on my drive down the canyon earlier today. Tonight it took me about 25 minutes to regain 4 kW while charging at 8 kW with the mobile charger at home. I don't recall how long it took me to get down the mountain (roughly a similar amount of time), but that's just plain impressive to me that regen braking gave me back as much as it did.

On a similar but slightly unrelated note... when I went back up to check on the status of the charging at home tonight, the Tesla logo by the charge port wasn't blinking anymore, but the Tesla logo on the mobile charger was still animating. Is this normal behavior? I've only ever been near my car at the beginning and end of a charge. Out of curiosity, I opened the door to check the status on the screen and it appeared to still be charging at the same rate. Just thought that was weird. Has anyone else seen this happen?