Hi! M3 res holder in South Carolina (Upstate)

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Apr 16, 2017
Aiken, SC
Thanks for the info guys. I think the wife and I need to take a trip to Charlotte soon. I'm also going to see if I can rent one from somewhere possibly. I didn't even think you could rent one of those. However, you can do just about anything in Vegas. :cool: I can't wait to drive one and feel the instant torque. I have been holding off from buying a car for a long time. The moment I heard the Model 3 reveal was coming I knew it would be a winner. Perfect balance of luxery, tech, and performance. South Carolina just has to get on board and let Tesla do its thing.

Its kind of crazy that we have a SC electric car rebate but no place to buy a Tesla. I'm sure the SC dealer association has provided some substantial donations to help this from happening. Hopefully we have a service center come out of the wood work soon, Myrtle wouldn't be that bad of a hike. The closest Supercharger to me is in Santee which really isn't worth going to from where I live. There are a couple of destination chargers in downtown Charleston, but I think you have to be a guest of the hotels or restaurant.

If things stay the same does that mean we have to take delivery in Charlotte or Atlanta? Hopefully we still only have to pay the same flat $300 sales tax and just pay our property taxes seperate just as if we bought the car in South Carolina. Lots of little things to figure before she gets here, but I'm sure she will worth the wait. Can't wait. Thanks again for the info guys. Theres not too many people around here to ask questions and I'm not one to bother people on the street.

As a former resident of Charleston and now living in Aiken. I recently went on a test drive in Matthews, NC. You can always have the car delivered direct to you, if you live outside a certain mileage area of a Tesla shop. They highly recommend that you don't do that and pick it up at one of their locations. That's in case their is a problem or something is not right. So it looks like we will be stuck driving some distance, unless something changes in the next 9-12 months.
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Dec 11, 2019
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Gangus, I agree there are not too many Teslas in SC. Here in the north eastern part of the state I've only seen two in the three years I've been here. Last Thursday took a day trip up to Raleigh and test drove a Model S. Incredible experience, although it didn't have the new autopilot 2.0, having it drive itself on the highway and park itself when we got back to the shop was eye opening. My wife was even impressed with the car and she is not a car person. I would recommend taking a day and heading up to Charlotte or down to Atlanta and give one a try. Make sure you call at least a week in advance because the test drives get booked up. And they didn't mind at all that we were Model ☰ reservationists. They just geared the presentation to all they knew about the Model ☰.

Also our first Supercharger is going in here in Myrtle Beach at the Coastal Grand Mall. Who knows maybe a store will be next. It wouldn't hurt to write a few letters to the local representatives asking for their support. If we buy the car in SC there is also a SC electric vehicle rebate available.
Hello, and I realize I'm replying to a fairly old Post. I'm suggesting you're still an active member. I just want to do my due diligence prior to taking the plunge on a model 3. I live here in the Murrells Inlet area, just south of Myrtle Beach. My big concern is I think the same as many potential Tesla owners is, and that would be the service and mobile service availability. Could you give me a little bit of your personal experience as far as servicing has gone the last couple of years for you? Thank you.