Hexis / SPEK / XPEL / 3M Clear Bra

Jun 16, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
Tesla Owner
Model 3
I talked to an installer for window tinting and PPF but I am not certain of his products.
For window tinting, he has Suntek carbon which he claims to be better than Suntek ceramic since carbon has a better heat rejection, so he claims. I was mainly looking for ceramic because this community loves ceramic, so I would assume ceramic > carbon.
For PPF, he has SPEK, Hexis, XPEL, and 3M all for a fixed price of $1500 for full front. He was raving about SPEK being the best, new, and has the glossiest shine with hydrophobic properties and self-healing. He claims Hexis is thicker and most popular especially in Europe. He hasn't installed XPEL in over 2 years since he claims it's no longer the best, and always recommends SPEK and Hexis. He can still do XPEL, but cannot guarantee a clean wrap since it is harder to cut XPEL as compared to SPEK.

I am having doubts since this community loves XPEL and ceramic tint, which both seem to be in favor by majority. I also read somewhere here or Tesla forums that SPEK is a rip-off Chinese brand? Ultimately, I believe there is a catch.