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Hey guys, my name is Benjamin, I live in Oyster Bay NY. I have the 2018 longe range AWD non performance model 3 with black premium interior, EAP, aero wheels, and midnight silver options. I was born in Surrey England, and grew up mostly in Maryland before moving up north after finishing my undergrad degree. I majored in business management at SU at the Purdue School of Business but eventually had a change of heart and went back to school to get my masters in elementary education which I received last June (2017). I'm now a teacher full time and continue a sports coordinator job (very long story) which I did full time for 6 years, part time.

As soon as I read about the Tesla Model 3 back in 2016 I knew right away it was the dream car I had wanted. Environmentally friendly, affordable, and of course everything else that comes along with a Tesla. Then the long range version information came out with over 300 miles of range and it was just perfect. So I put my money down April 1st, 2016 and finally got my order opportunity on June 29th, 2018 and so I ordered the next day so I could capitalize on the free premium connectivity for life which I am so glad I did now.

My delivery was August 30th in Springfield NJ (near where my parents live) so I could utilize the amazing state electric vehicle incentive, which was no sales tax! That helps save a lot of money as well as hopefully the tax credit will too. All in all with those savings and the money that will be saved due to no longer needing gas or oil, made it all affordable.

The car is incredible, and every passenger I have had has been absolutely blown away. I have had one minor annoying slip up, when I took delivery, I apparently forgot to sign the back of the check, and apparently they didn't notice and sent it out to California....well it got bounced. The most obnoxious part, nobody even contacted me about this! So a month later I call my bank wondering when I can start my monthly payments and they tell me it was bounced almost a month ago...My credit score had even gone down a tiny bit due to this, so I was not happy.

What was worse is that my temporary tags were now expired and I had no plates come in because Tesla never received a check, and the delivery center couldn't give me new temp tags. But they have sent me confirmation that any tickets I get will be covered by Tesla which was nice of them. So now the check had expired and I had to go back to my bank and go through the process of getting another loan which got accepted at the same rate and I just mailed it (and signed lol) over to the delivery center and now I wait for my tags to come in at last to finalize everything.

I still own a Honda S2000 which I most likely will sell next year to put money back in the bank and have a safety net. It was an amazing car, hard to find as well, and the S2000 family were amazing...so I can only hope that the model 3 family will be just as welcoming and fun to be apart of.

My username is the name of my car by the way, S'|'orm, due to the storm cloud color and it being electric and fast like lightning lol.


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Sep 12, 2017
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@s'|'orm Nice. I should have thought of the straight line. Sorry about that.