Greetings from the Triangle, NC

Sep 13, 2018
Tesla Owner
Model 3
First post! Transitioning from lurker to a #TeamMidnightSilver member. Thanks for the guidance and experiences.

Model 3 scheduled for 9/27 delivery in Raleigh. However, I got an email stating that due to Raleigh delivery issues that I will be contacted to arrange home delivery - seems this is the new method for Raleigh until they work out space/experience issues.

The invite to switch to the white interior was tempting! The pics of white on the Midnight Silver space are incredible! In the end with a teen, outdoor activities, volunteer work, etc we'll consider white in a future model.

Most importantly, all is well so far in my local area and thoughts are with all impacted by Hurricane Florence - we will continue helping with recovery for weeks to come.