Greetings Earthlings from Cerritos, CA!


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Jul 30, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
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Hello! My name is George. :D

So the Model 3 Is my very first Tesla. I became a proud owner on Saturday Feb 10, 2018. (I helped a friend with a preorder on a Model X using my email address and it flagged me with owner status when I reserved a M3. Lucky!)

I’ve always been a geeky computer tech type, love computers and technology. I also have a passion for cars, but my wallet has struggled to keep up with that passion. Haha! Tesla, being this conglomerate of both of my loves fills a special niche in my heart!

I’ve wanted a Tesla forever, and the Model 3 hits all of the requirements I have been looking for in a new car and then some. The biggest check mark being it fits my price range for the features I want. Fully loaded it fit my $50-55k budget. (This is taking into consideration $10k in tax and rebate incentives.) I don’t like buying used and the MS and MX were always so enticing but the $90k+ sticker with features I feel make a Tesla a Tesla made it out of reach.

I love being a Tesla owner, and I’m very happy to be a part of this community! I’ve watched all videos @TrevP put out there leading up to getting my M3 and I want to put a person thank you to him for establishing this community and keeping us all as up to date as possible with any news us hungry enthusiasts can get a hold of. So Thank You Trev!

And why not, here’s a nice picture of my just washed and polished Midnight Silver Metallic Model 3!