EV Test Drive W/O The Dealership Experience

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Apr 16, 2017
Portland, OR
Howdy Pac NW'ers. This is specific to Portland, but if you're from nearby you may also be interested. Just did a test drive of the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV (am still currently planning on buying the Model3, just doing due diligence). It was a very impressive car and knowing that I could definitely get one prior to the potential tax credit going away makes it a little more juicy too.

Anyway, there's a program set up in downtown near the World Trade center called Forth mobility. You can go to their site and reserve a test drive slot. A Forth employee will sit with you during the drive, and go over EV general details, and you can do this all free if you have current driver license and insurance. There is zero pressure to purchase, no sharing of info with dealerships, etc.

Thought I'd pass it on. https://forthmobility.org/

I might write up my Bolt impressions elsewhere on the site if there's any interest.
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Jun 16, 2018
Gainesville, GA
Tesla Owner
Model 3
Like you, I drove several cars before committing to the Model 3. We definitely had different impressions of the Bolt! I expected it to be my second choice if the base model did not come out before my 1999 SLK230 needed extensive work or I would miss out on the tax rebate. I found the backup camera to be so bad that it could be dangerous (the salesperson could not understand why I was LOOKING behind me and missed the car backing up in the miserable screen), the seats cut off the circulation to my legs (my husband sat sideways in the back because it was so uncomfortable), I hated the interior, it had NO navigation and found the interior ugly. I actually took the shorter of the offered test drive routes because I disliked the car so much). Surprisingly, I found the Leaf to take second place and that was the older model (I would have waited for the 2019). The last car (I drove 4 others 3 that would have my required 200 mile range in 2019) I saw (and the only one I did not drive) was the Model 3 and then there was no second choice ;). Just seeing and sitting in it made the difference from all the others very clear. After much hemming and hawing and internal debate, I opted for the long range and will have a car note for the first time in about 30 years but there is no turning back! If all goes well, I take delivery at the end of August. ;)
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