EV Myths - add your own!


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Jul 12, 2017
Campbell, CA
There are a lot of misconceptions about EVs out there. Here are 3 we see circulating most often.
Of course this is referring generally to all EV's, however, if you'd like to share Tesla specific myths please drop them in the comments!

MYTH 1: EVs don’t have enough range
  • Reality: EVs don't go as long between charges as gas cars go between fill-ups, but they don’t have to. The average U.S. driver travels only 30 miles a day, well within the range of any EV, and those with long-range driving needs have their pick of EVs with 125+ miles of range, like the Tesla Model 3.

MYTH 2: EVs aren't environmentally friendly because electricity comes from coal
  • Reality: EVs cut greenhouse gas emissions in half, no matter how the energy used to charge them is produced. If you live in a state that produces most of its energy from renewable sources, you can reduce your emissions even more. EVs waste less of the energy they consume.

MYTH 3: It takes too long to charge
  • Reality: Charging an EV takes only a few seconds: the time it takes to plug the car in before you go do something else. ;) Just like a cell phone, an EV charges while you’re busy doing other stuff. Cars spend over 90% of the time parked, so we have more than enough time to charge.
  • Fun ChargePoint Fact: our network data shows that EV drivers stay parked for 50% longer than they need to charge, on average.

Additional resources:
  • We made a free sustainability calculator if you'd like to find out how much environmental impact you have by going electric. Plus, it's a good resource to share with friends who are considering going electric.
  • We're loving this video made by FullyChargedShow (on Youtube) that explains why electric cars are NOT dirty!
Share your own below! What are some common EV myths you'd like to see busted? :cool: