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Jun 6, 2018
Tesla Owner
Model 3
Picked up a Silver Metallic P+ this morning. 4.8mi on odometer. Now that I'm done playing for the day, 35. :)

Car is awesome, as if there was any doubt about that. No glaring issues to report about the paint job/build quality. I really feel bad for all those that are having issues. There are a few very minor things I am not going to even worry about. The streaming music part did freeze up on me once though. Did a scroll button reset and it eventually unfroze after the screen came back up. Will keep an eye on that. Was prompted to update the firmware at the showroom but waited until I got home. Sure didn't take 45 minutes over LTE. Was quicker than I thought. EAP calibrated with no problem.

The delivery process was just ok. 10AM appointment that ended up being a 10:30AM group workshop where the guy just went through the tutorial videos. Nobody really seemed impressed. Seems like everyone just wanted their cars and to leave. I stuck around for awhile because nobody actually approached me after all the paperwork was done. I was inside the car. Outside the car. Fiddling with the settings/frunk/trunk etc. Had it all set up in no time. Decided to plug in with one of their wall connectors too. The car only had 150mi of range. Left with 158. No big deal but it would have been nice to have had more. Finally a guy comes up and asked if I was being helped. Nope! He was apologetic. Told him I had all the settings put in and he just had to drive it out of the showroom. He brought it out front. Handshake, and I was off. Took the expressway home instead of the local roads. Wanted to avoid those horrible train tracks by the shop. After I got home I realized I didn't get any paperwork. I guess it's their way of "saving trees". Can't believe I didn't ask for copies of anything. Called them. Said they'd email. Ok.

The car. Acceleration is bonkers. And always available. Wind noise is nothing to complain about with my car, that I've noticed. And not because the music was on. Sound system is quite impressive. But I am no audophile. I like my metal loud. :)))) Went straight home intending to pull in the garage and leave it there until tomorrow when I drop it off at my detailer so he can start first thing Monday morning with PPF/tint etc. Well that didn't happen. Took a few friends for quick rides and they were all impressed and blown away too. Almost caught one trying to open their door with the emergency latch. "Yeah. I know. That's a lame place to put it.".

Decided to make a pit stop at the local supercharger. 3 spots open according to the Nav. No problems. 2 other owners don't know how to park and they took up 2 spots each. But I did squeeze into another spot. A little bit of chit chat with people coming and going. Took 40ish minutes to charge from 140ish miles to 279mi. Not bad. No sign of any charges on my screen. The lower right is totally blank where that info would be. Good.

Shouldn't take too long to get the hang of regen either. But it's great, and the brakes are very thankful. TACC. Geez, it's scary at first. But you have to trust the car. No chance to try out EAP yet. Sure would have liked to have tried auto-parking at the supercharger but EAP wasn't calibrated yet. Summoned car out of garage. Works great.

While I know some of you who were line waiters on day 1 are still waiting, it is worth it. And I hope your car is in good shape like mine when delivery day comes. If anything else pops up, I will of course report back. More pics next week after XPEL Stealth/tint/wheel powdercoat.

Photos here:
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Jul 23, 2018
Northern VA
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Thanks a bunch for this write-up! Really helpful & informative.

Also, the pictures are great -- my EXACT configuration too, looks amazing. My pick-up is scheduled for 9/28 so I can't wait.