Question Clicking steering noise - and look what I found


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Apr 15, 2019
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Model 3
Since last week, I started hearing clicking noises from my steering wheel area. Every day I drove, the noise became more consistent to appear.

I decided to just hover my hands around the steering wheel base and I found this and booked an appointment with the service center for next week right away as no car assembly should ever leave something like this so shabby. And I am pretty certain that the noise has got something to do with this as placing my hand somewhere around there seemed to worsen the clicks.

Now the rant - Just a month or so ago, the SC fixed a rear rattle for me after two visits, then I realized that the rear center seat belt was not installed correctly from the factory (never noticed it before), and now this - sometimes I sit in my wife’s year old Toyota Prius and can’t help but notice how impeccable the workmanship is on the interior and absolutely no rattle or clicks no matter how rough the road. It’s almost embarrassing and disappointing when things like this come up in a six month old Tesla that’s nailed down pretty much everything else when it comes to innovation.

Can anyone help me understand what the factory should look like? I hope Model 3 doesn’t have just a loose piece of foam tucked under the steering wheel. And I’m curious as to how something like this can happen when that area is literally untouched.

To help you orient yourself - car is left hand drive (USA) and I’m holding my camera in my right hand directly underneath the wheel.

Thank you in advance for your help and advice.