Chassis & body of our new Tesla made of Linen / Flax


Peter Stringa

In the Netherlands, Europe, a Technical University (TU Eindhoven) is developing a car made out of linen/ flax. The flax is used for the construction parts, the chassis, as well as for the body work.
If layers linen are pressed in a certain way the material is as strong or stronger than aluminium.
The reason for this development by students of the university is to enhance sustainability and to let the car be biodegradable and recycable after use.
Next to this a car made with this material will be even more fuel or electricity efficient.
At the moment the production of aluminium and carbon fibre used for cars is very energy-consuming. When linen / flax is being applied in the production of cars, not only the car is more efficient in driving but in production as well.
The students think the use of this material will be the future in the automotive industry.

What do you think?

I know what I think. I want my Tesla model 3 made in linen/flax. And by the time I switch to model S and X I want the same for those.

Can you make that happen, Elon?

Here's the link to the news report about the subject.(sadly only available in Dutch.) Remember Elon did start like this once.
NOTE: the topic begins at 06:33 minutes and ends at 07:56 minutes in the newsprogramm.
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@Peter Stringa , as the young lady said, 'long term' maybe, yet not any time soon, I'm afraid... Seriously doubt it will be used for structural parts in commercial high volume platform car production any time soon, probably not before 5-10 years, IMHO...