Charge Port Cover and Opposite Side?


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Jun 2, 2017
Chicago IL
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Over at another forum, somebody asked about side blinkers and pointed out that the charge port cover (and the same section on the other side) has no active lights but is only a reflective surface.

Considering the footprint of LEDs (not to mentione OLED lights), does anybody think it's possible that Tesla may include actual lights in the final production version of those sections? If not, do you think the reflective surface is sufficient? Should they have just gone with a body colored cover (and opposite) like typical gas doors and other EV charge port covers?

I like the idea of keeping the Tesla charge port location familial and am sure there's more to the upward door design and size than we know (would like to see how the trunk clearance is since the pictures may be deceptive). As it stands, the darkness on the RCs does strike me as a bit out of proportion and, frankly, unsafe from the perspective of gauging what another car is going to do on the road. I can imagine riding my bike on the adjacent shoulder and missing the little blinker in the side camera due to sun glare but having no peripheral cues with the taillight blinker being directed behind.

Any insights as to whether this is a final design or whether we just "won't care" would be appreciated.

Thanks for the forum!